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Weirdo: The clue’s in the name

Goths + pink fluffy tea cosies

Goths + pink fluffy tea cosies

We couldn’t have been more incongruous really, meeting at our cosy, pink, bunting-strewn new venue Serendipity Cafe to discuss a dark, gothy, crime-noir which was full of witchcraft, child prostitution and murder. Yup, this is the month we did Cathi Unsworth’s Weirdo. And it inspired love, hate and everything in between from our members. Here’s a neat surmise of our thoughts:


  • The biggest thumbs up was for the sense of place (small Norfork seaside town) and time (the 80’s). Almost unanimously we thought Unsworth managed to evoke the feeling of small-town claustrophobia brilliantly and that added to the believability of characters and story.
  • The  examination of teenage-girl relationships and female transgression.
  • Corrine. We thought her story was incredibly well examined and terribly sad, particularly the “generational stigma” which she has to endure.
  • Interesting exploration of a sub-culture. And good music!
  • Very completing and readable. A page turner.
  • An interesting take on the crime genre.
  • Even those who didn’t like it were interested in reading Unsworth’s other work.


  • The dialect. It drove everyone MAD due to its inconsistency. If you’re doing dialect JUST GO FOR IT.
  • Although some people did enjoy the split narrative, most of the group felt that the 80’s part was much more powerful and interesting than the section set in the noughties.
  • A bit unimpressed by the character of Sean- felt Unsworth fell back of private detective cliché which was a disappointment for a book which pushed the boundaries in many ways.
  • A few too many stories which went nowhere and characters that just disappeared without being fully explored.
  • Samantha’s “evil” not adequately explained.
  • The end. All felt that Unsworth lost confidence in the end chapter and neatly summed everything up. Not necessary, we thought.

And we’ve got another cheerful one for next month, The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers, set during the Iraq war. I’m really looking forward to it. At least we’ll have cocktails in teapots, cake and cheese toasties to offset the (possible) gloom.

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