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Stop Press: WHOLE GROUP like a book!

We're afraid of no ghosts...

A slightly delayed July blog due to a crazy few weeks.  But what a lovely meeting it was- a universally enjoyed book (has that EVER happened before?) and great to see some old faces back. The Little Stranger was a huge hit, with everyone quite astonished by  Sarah Waters ability to do seemingly everything a novelist should: great characters, fantastic evocation of a period, mastery of the genre and a page-turning plot which really managed to send shivers down most of our spines. I am over the moon at how well it went down- I am an unashamed Waters fanatic (everyone should read Nightwatch)- and am amazed everytime I open one of her books at her ability to write so lucidly and yet evoke such complicated emotions and a sense of queasy ambivilance.  Lots of talk about class, of repression, of mental illness  and the supernatural, only slightly impeded by trying desperately not to reveal the end to the few people who hadn’t quite finished the book! Because of this, we agreed to devote the first half of the August meeting to talking about the end (because that’s where it gets REALLY good!).

Which brings me very nicely to the subject of the next meeting. As the August meeting can be a bit difficult meeting to get to, we decided to go off piste and hold a Summer Reading Recommendations Party instead (so those who cant come wont miss out). Those of you who’ve been coming for a while might remember the last one we held- the idea is that everyone brings along a book that they love/ loathe/ think others should know about and talks about it. It was a massive success last time, introducing everyone to some different authors and encouraging a lot of people to go out and read each others recommendations. All a lot of fun. I’m already planning what I’m going to bring.

We’ll also take a bit of time to talk about what’s coming up for the Autumn, both in terms of our books and the whole load of books events that New Writing North have planned. Kelly might have also had a new tattoo for us to view. It should be fun. See you then. xx

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