Book group (at last!!!)

My plans for the summer...

Well, it seems that this book group has been a long time coming! After having to call off last months meeting due to a pesky sickness bug, I’ve been itching to see you all and discuss “The Shadow of a Smile”. However, good things come to those who wait (or so they tell us..) and finally, finally a small but perfectly formed group of us managed to get together in the same room and mull over books, politics and Kelly’s new Vivienne Westwood tights.

And, on the whole, it was a very favourable reaction for Kachi Ozumba’s first novel, with it receiving praise for it’s excellent characterisation (all slightly in love with Zuba), vivid descriptions (especially smells!!!) and the shocking insight it offered us into a country about which we knew very little. The writing was highly commended, with lots of people expressing surprise that this was a first novel, and all of us concluding that it was a book that, even though we might not have picked it up ourselves, we would definitely recommend to others. A very impressive regional read indeed!

We also had a bit of discussion about the next sessions. Next up we have “The Little Stranger” by Sarah Waters, a book I read at Christmas and LOVED (so I can’t wait to get reading again!). We also thought that, as we’re a meeting down, we will definitely hold an August meeting (for those who are around)  where we will deviate from the usual format and all bring in a favourite book to talk about. Oh and as the next meeting takes place on my last day of freedom (getting married on the 2nd July- eek!) I also proposed that we might like to have a sneaky glass of wine afterward o celebrate. Living it up as only I know how….

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Sunderland Book Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm at Holmeside Coffee in Sunderland.

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