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White Tiger or White Elephant?

Me on realising my venue faux-pas!

Me on realising my venue faux-pas!

Thanks for a wonderful book group last night! It was a lot of fun- despite my venue muddle!- and great to have some very vigorous White Tiger discussion, encompassing everything from what constitutes a “Booker Prize winner” to the movable definition of civilization. For all we weren’t completely convinced by White Tiger, I think it managed to generate some really interesting discussion.

We’ve got a special treat this month, a sneaky pre-publication peak at a first novel and a hardback. Surely, the definition of luxury! And it’s also quite exciting that this is a regional author. Well, okay, Alice de Smith is originally from Cambridge but we’re certainly claiming her as our own- she’s been based in the Newcastle for a number of years and has written extensively for the Live Theatre, among many other things. She also won a Northern Writers Award in 2007 which helped to bring Welcome to Life into being. So, it will be very interesting to be among the first people to  see what we make of it. And you’re a difficult lot to please- if Welcome to Life wins your approval, it will be better than winning the Booker! Enjoy the read. x

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Wednesday 16 November
The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Wednesday 21 December
Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R.Tolkien

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