Whitby Wandering

So pretty and so strange..

So pretty and so strange..

This book has really gotten under my skin. It was my birthday last week and I insisted that the boyfriend took me to… Whitby. That’s right- across the snow-capped North York Moors and down to a wet, windy Whitby for a day trip. Let it never be said that I don’t know how to live. I made him stop the car and get out to wander through the sheep and heather, I made him walk along the soggy, grey beach to look in the caves (Fortunately the North Sea proved a bit of a barrier to this…). And, jeez, it made me appreciate how incredibly well Raisin (I know it’s really childish but typing that makes me smile.) has used and evoked the bleakness, beauty and sheer strangeness of the Moors; Sam Marsdyke is a character created of the landscape. It reminded me too of David Almond’s books; these are set more in our neck of the woods but also have this strange sense of being rooted, being born of a place. God’s Own Country spooks me in a similar way that Almond’s books do- they seem somehow more real than so many books which I read and enjoy but leave little impression.



 Anyway, there’s only a week to go before the next meeting and I’m starting to get a bit nervous. The books I really like I’ve always got to fight for (anyone remember Gifted?). I look forward (?) to seeing what you all think…


Oh and I found a site with a video of Ross Raisin talking and reading a bit from the book. It really brings the voice to life. Try it, its fun: http://www.creative30.net/profile/29.


N.B In case you think me extremely cruel and/ or crazy, I did also let him go for fish and chips and look for obscure records in the charity shops. And it was MY birthday.


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Sunderland Book Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm at Holmeside Coffee in Sunderland.

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