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Barmpots, Blatherskites and Fizzgogs

Well, a belated thanks to all for coming along to the re-housed book group and I’m really pleased that the new venue was such a hit. Even I’ve got to admit that the move couldn’t have come at a better time- with weather events being as unprediactable as they are at the moment, proper central heating is definitely a bonus!! So, onwards and upwards and on to the next book…


"Real, living, farting Nature"

"Real, living, farting Nature"

I’ve been really looking forward to “God’s Own Country” ever I read some glowing reviews since it came out in hardback last year. However, as “no hardbacks” is one of my many random and self imposed rules (and the library copy has mysteriously disappeared- and it’s not even me this time!), I’ve had to wait until this year to read it. So, rather embarrassingly, I bought it on the first day I could (yes,  did know the date- that’s just the sort of person I am) and am rather relieved that I have not been disappointed; I read it in two sittings and had that rare feeling of regret when I’d finished. I know it’s early in the day, so I’m wary about posting any spoilers or weighing in with my opinion just yet… but I’m going to have to say that I am now weirdly haunted by Sam Marsdyke and his strangely alluring/ horrifying world. And how interesting and brave it is to see a new writer playing to such an extent with language – I thought my mum was making up the word “gradely” but it seems not. Anyway, I’m going to stop now and let you think for yourselves (as if there was any danger of you lot not doing that…).




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