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New Home!

our new home

our new home

Just a quick one to announce a fabulous new book club venue- (drum roll…) it will now be held at the café in The Place (a new art gallery/ performance space/ office complex at Sunniside at the top of Atheneum Street). It’s a lovely place- light, clean, and with great food/ coffee/ cake, only about 3 minutes from the train station and hopefully with a bit more parking space around and about. We will still be meeting on the first Wednesday of the month (so next date is the 4th February); the only change is that we will now run from 6pm to 7.30pm. I hope that doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much but if you have to arrive a bit late it’s really no problem. And our name is changing- see above!- we will forthwith be known (very imaginitivey) as SUNDERLAND BOOK GROUP.





Hope you haven’t t succumbed to the January blues just yet and I look forward to seeing you on the 4th (and I am having REAL problems with the next book, so it could be an interesting old meeting). Oh and I feel I should let you know that one of the UK’s finest poets, Tony Harrison, is reading at Northern Stage in Newcastle next week. Tickets are still available and I will be there, so if anyone fancies it give me a shout via the blog. I’d advise it even if you think poetry isn’t really your thing…

Happy New Year, Happy New Books

Sunderland Book Group in Sophisticated New Setting?
Sunderland Book Group in Sophisticated New Setting?



















What a great first book club of the year it was on Wednesday DESPITE all adverse conditions (minor considerations like no venue, my lack of internet access and therefore inability to update website etc. etc.). I’m glad that none of this put off any of the hardy Sunderland book clubbers and another great discussion was had ranging from the sublime (What could turn someone into a terrorist?) to the ridiculous (Is Erica’s name meant to be symbolic of Am- Erica- my pet theory- and is she the least convincing depressed character in literary history? Again, my pet theory…) so a big THANK YOU to all who came along.


You will all be pleased to hear that my new years resolutions are:


a)    New Venue, preferably one that we can get into..

b)    More blogging

c)     At least one cheerful book this year (I PROMISE… but I know “Things Fall Apart” doesn’t sound too promising on this front).

d)    More group outings (at least one to Kelly’s Burlesque night is surely on the cards?)


So, watch this space for progress on resolution a (and obviously resolution b) and I better get on with reading the book. Shamefully it is one of those classics which I haven’t ever quite got round to reading, so I cant wait! Hope you all enjoy it and see you all soon.

About the group

Sunderland Book Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm at Holmeside Coffee in Sunderland.

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