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T is for Theatre

Private Geoff Grey

Private Geoff Grey

You may already have read some reviews by now but I thought a very quick blog was in order to draw your attention to a fantastic new play that I saw last week. I know from out previous discussions that none of you are scared of a bit of political debate and so I think Geoff Dead: Disco for Sale (just started its run at the Live Theatre) might be right up your street. It’s about the aftermath of the four unexplained deaths at Deep Cut army barracks- you’ll probably know at least some of the ins and outs-and the families of the soldiers and their search for justice. This might sound a bit grim but its not- sure, it makes you insanely angry and want to march on Downing Street shouting for justice(or maybe that’s just me!?)- But it’s also bizarrely uplifting and filled me with huge admiration for the families and their refusal to give up. It’s also funny and very engaging. Suffice to say, I saw it and though of all of you- so if any of you have time, I think you’ll all love it. It’s on until the 8th November and Live Box Office is 01912321232.





I’ve also had some first opinions in on “Boy A”- largely favourable, which has been a bit of a relief. I was a bit worried that the subject matter might put people off but that (thankfully) seems to have been an underestimation-although she did say it had given her “a lot to think about”. It would be great to hear from anyone else- the blog is always here for a bit of early books discussion, should you fancy it. Oh and incidently there was also a film released recently of  “Boy A” which is meant to be excellent- if anyone wants to be class swot, I think it should be relatively easy to get hold of.


Well, I think that’s about enough homework for you all!! Keep reading and see you soon. xx

A is for At Last…

Well, I admit that I didn’t think it would take quite this long before I wrote a longer blog but the last two weeks have been utter madness- I’ve been on holiday, moved house (eek!) and got a new job, which I start very soon. I also spent an extremely pleasurable few days over last weekend helping out at the South Asian Literature Festival, getting loads of fantastic authors endless cups of coffee (completely worth it as I also got to listen to them talking about their books- and I met Nikita Lalwani!), and then saw the wonderful Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (so beautiful and so intelligent!) speaking on Monday. So I now have a HUGE pile of new books on my bedside table and am even more enthused about the wonders of talking about writing.


Somewhere in amongst all of this I also managed to read Boy A, the next book on the list. I must admit this one was a bit of a punt as I hadn’t actually read it when I chose it to be on the list… I’ve been a wee bit worried about this since the group started- what if it was really, really rubbish??- and so I think I’ve subconsciously been putting it off, just in case my worst fears were proved to be true. Luckily, as soon as I began, raced through it and I am more than re-assured that there will be plenty to talk about (Those of you who have finished it will know what I mean…). It’s rare that you read a book that really makes you question some of your fundamental beliefs (even those you didn’t even know you have) and which allows you to empathise with a character in a way which you could never have predicted. I really don’t want to ruin it for anyone but this strikes me as its greatest strength- how deeply human it is.


Okay- I’m going to stop writing about it now, in fear of dropping some sort of spoiler- but I really hope you are all reading and enjoying it too. I think it’s probably another one that will divide opinion so I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Thanks Everyone!

Just a quick one to say how fabulous tonight was and how great it was to hear everyone so passionate about books (even if you hated it!!). Lovely to see some new faces and really get stuck into some searching books discussion! I just hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I’m off to Scotland tomorrow but promise a longer post next time. And, until then, if anyone fancies the Nikita Lalwani event on at the Sage, the date is 12th October and the time is 2.30pm. Contact details are on the Events page. xx

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